DBTool Readme

„DBTool“ is a small JAVA application to access Oracle, MSSQL 2000, MySQL or PostgreSQL databases without any installed database client software.

It's possible to enter and execute SQL-Statements. After executing the statements the results are listed in a formated grid.

Additional features

Placeholders are defined in the file replacements.xml.

E.g.: With the given placeholders the command :

select ${datelong(databasetime)}, ${nullvalue(thiscolumn,'---')}, anothercolumn from sometable

will be executed on ORACLE as:

select to_char(databasetime,'DD.MM.YYYY'), nvl(thiscolumn,'---'), anothercolumn from sometable

and on MySQL as:

select date_format(databasetime,'%d.%m.%Y'), IFNULL(thiscolumn,'---'), anothercolumn from sometable

Sure you can add replacement entries to replacement.xml as you like.

Have fun.

Thorsten Klimpel

(ThoJa Software Engineering)

Any comments or any idea ? Please mail to klimpel@thoja-software.de

Keep me informed about updates (on dbtool only)


Version 0.9.9a 2004/10/17

**Attention** Oracle JDBC drivers are not included anymore. You have to add the requested driver to your classpath (see example files runDBTool.bat or runDBTool.sh). Drivers are available at www.oracle.com

**New** Connection to ORACLE9i

**New** Show Table Data (Shift+F5) is limited to 100 rows to avoid long running on large tables

**New** Named Database Connections for better identification

**New** CTRL+F5 executes command under cursor. So you can type multiple commands and select the one you want to execute.

**New** CTRL+W clears command window

**New** Option Result Window opens new Window for each result set when executing multiple selects

**New** Click in history window and Shift+F2/F3 adds command from history buffer to command window

**Changed** Show table selection with CTRL+S (Save CTRL+C for copy)

**New** Selection of table or column with CTRL+T or CTRL+S adds selected name at cursor position. Selection chenged from popup to frame. So even large tables are full visible

**New** Auto help on columnnames when using tablename and period. If you write "select m." and do not type another sign, after a delay of 1 second a column selection window for table m appears.

**Changed** Column Seperator for Save to Text File is changed to ;. Can be overwritten with entry from Settings.txt ColumnSeperator=. (e.g. ColumnSeperator=$)

Version 0.9.9 2004/03/10

**New** MSSQL 2000 support (see mssql.readme for details)

**New** Seperate result window with automatic refresh.

**New** Command Toolbar.

Version 0.9.8 2004/02/04

**New** Improved User Interface with Popups for Table and Column Selection

**New** Improved User auto create for Insert and Update Statements

**New** expandable SQL Command Templates

**New** Help System

Version 0.9.7a 2003/12/17

**Minor Changes and Bugfixing**

** IP for ORACLE Database may include Port (e.g.

** Login Window does not close on incorrect Login

** Command Extension with is no more case sensitive

Version 0.9.7 2003/11/19

**New** Improved User Interface with Table Browser

**New** Commands: Show Table Columns, Show Table Constraints

Version 0.9.6 2003/11/13

**New** Support for PostgreSQL Databases (standard SQL Commands)

**New** Output toggles between grid and text. Grid for single select. Text for multiple statements and manipulation statements (insert, update ...).

Version 0.9.5 2003/10/07

**New** Get Execution Plan for SQL Statement ( press F9 )

**New** Login History

**New** User defined Meta Commands (Placeholder) for SQL (see short description above)

**New** Improved DBA Session command

**New** Script execution possible.

Version 0.9.4 2003/09/29

**New** DB Info at About Screen

**New** DBA session command

**New** automatic expansion of select statement with column names

**Bugfix** Saved command are sometimes expanded by a newline

**New** Improved calculation of column width

**New** New window for exception messages

**New** Minor GUI improvements

Version 0.9.3 2003/09/15

Initial Version

coming soon....


There is no warranty, expressed or implied, associated with this product.

Use at your own risk.